Today’s fast-paced, competitive environment requires that organizations be more agile than ever. Businesses need to develop, revise or invest in new organizational capabilities as their strengths evolve to meet the needs of the marketplace.

As a result, many organizations seem to be in a constant state of redesign. Unfortunately, many companies tend to focus on the vertical organization when embarking upon a redesign effort. This narrow application sub-optimizes business performance, particularly in matrix organizations that most companies operate in today.

At Verve Consulting Group, we think of organization design differently than most. Before even thinking about boxes and lines, we start with identifying the results you are after. We then look at the horizontal organization – the way things need to get done most effectively. This requires that you “tilt your head to the side” and look across teams, processes and people.

In the “Culture of Now” where instant gratification is the new normal, companies serve their customers by moving work between departments and teams at light speed. Your organization must be designed to handle these hand offs in a highly collaborative manner.

We use a simple framework to help our clients design for performance:

1 – Create the design strategy by outlining the business drivers, expected results, capabilities and stakeholder needs

2 – Establish the organization operating model that illustrates how work will move through the organization in service of the customer

3 – Construct the new organization by developing structures, jobs, governance and linking performance and rewards to business drivers and expected results

4 – Build and implement transition plans that include the development of teams and individuals

It is extremely important that companies apply a thoughtful approach when redesigning their organizations. By “tilting your head to the side” and focusing on what’s most important – results, you will create better aligned organization that is designed for performance.

Let Verve Consulting Group help you make sense of your matrix organization and redesign it to perform at a higher level.