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Align Strategy

Do you need help translating your vision into a business plan?

We can help. We partner with business leaders to build solid, actionable business plans that result in measurable outcomes. And, we don’t stop there. Our highly inclusive process involves bringing teams together to align on what’s most important and establishing ways to keep all eyes on the prize – business results.

Let us help you get organized around your long- and short-term objectives.

Are your goals getting stale?

Goals are not static- they ebb and flow as your business evolves at super speeds. You can no longer rely on the old, mechanical performance management processes that governed businesses for decades. We can help you take your business plan and break it down into actionable steps that can be absorbed by individuals and teams. We will partner with your team to build a flexible approach that emphasizes the behaviors that will get you top performance.

Let us help align your approach to motivating and rewarding talent with achieving key goals.

Is your organization design failing you?

We think of organization design differently than most. Before even considering boxes and lines, we start with identifying the results you are after. We then look at the horizontal organization – the way things need to get done most effectively. In today’s fast-paced environment, work moves between departments and teams at light speed. Your organization must be designed to handle these hand offs in a highly collaborative manner. Once we design the horizontal organization and accountabilities, we outline the enablers, such as performance management, skills, and rewards. Lastly, we move to the vertical organization – the more traditional way of looking at structure.

Let us help you make sense of your matrix organization.

Grow People

Do you need to broaden your leadership skills?

We partner with successful executives that are committed to their personal development and looking to enhance their relationships with their teams and key stakeholders. Leaders are often expected to get better results, year after year, while streamlining their operations, in an ever-complicated internal and external environment. That said, as a leader, you can benefit greatly by checking in on your overall effectiveness and instituting changes in your routines and behaviors that accelerate results for yourself and your teams.

We don’t use a cookie cutter approach to coaching; we know you are unique and require special attention. Our first step is to get to know you, your business, your team, and goals. Once we do that, we identify your strengths – so that you can continue to leverage them; and your areas of opportunity – so you can make adjustments. Our third step is to develop and implement a prioritized, action-oriented development plan that will make the most positive impact on results. During our fourth and final step, we measure new behaviors, provide continuous coaching, and make adjustments to the plan.

Let us help you elevate your game.

Are you worried about your talent pipeline?

A company can have the best business strategy, but without the right people, it will fail. Leadership and people development is a strategic imperative for any company that wishes to continue to thrive. Whether you are looking to develop a specific population or grow a unique capability across your company, we can help. Our experience ranges from single course development to strategic, action learning program design and delivery. We will partner with your team to identify your unique needs and get to know the target audience and business context. Once we align on the challenges, we will create several designs to collaborate with you on. After that, we will begin to develop the solution(s). We can also run the programs if you need us to – we have great facilitation skills and have been leaders ourselves.

Let us help you prepare your talent for the future.

Are your people working together effectively?

Most organizations not only rely on effective collaboration and teamwork to ensure their strategic objectives are achieved, but require it. That dependency assumes that people are able to work cross-functionally in an effective manner and know how to be more than just a group of individuals. We can help your organization come together to transform into something more- a high-performing team.

We start with your business strategy – that should always be the basis for collaboration and teaming. Once we outline the rationale for the team, we talk with you and your employees to determine what type of team structure is necessary to be successful. Just as sports teams have different roles and ways of working, so do teams in the workplace. After aligning on the type of team, we design a team development plan that includes relationship building, goal alignment, decision making, constructive conflict management skill development, and other actions that drive accelerated development.

Let us help you cultivate effective teamwork to speed up results for your business.


Optimize Results

Are you experiencing a dip in performance?

As a leader, it is often challenging to identify exactly why business performance is on a decline. Most organizations are complex systems with intricate decision making and dynamic processes. It is often hard to isolate performance issues when you see multiple symptoms. We can be your objective set of eyes and ears. We will partner with you and your team to diagnose performance issues by looking at how your organization operates through its structure, processes, people practices, and rewards. Our highly inclusive process involves bringing teams together to share their perspectives. We compare this information with how you expect the company to function – the needs of your stakeholders, your results, expected culture, and business strategy. From there, we will highlight the discrepancies, root causes, and suggested actions you can take to improve.

Let us help you further understand what is getting in your organization’s way and, most importantly, build an outcome-focused action plan.

Are you implementing a new initiative and need people to change their behaviors?

Most change initiatives are unsuccessful because they lack focus on the people-side of change. Whether you are moving to a new business model, implementing a new technology, or evolving your company culture, we can help you achieve your business case. We use a multidimensional change process that includes appealing to both your employees’ rational and emotional senses. This ensures we establish a broad reach and appeal to the various personalities on your team. We will partner with you and your leadership team to create engaging communication vehicles, learning experiences, and measure progress along the way.

Let us help you engage your employees and make your initiative a success.

We're driven by your organization's success.