Customer-centric companies are replacing their traditional, functional organizational structures with more dynamic, matrix operating models. This new way of working drives greater focus on the customer, requiring the organization and people to be more agile and innovative. When done right, this shift leads to incremental value for the company.

When a company commits to a matrix operating model, it can no longer allow each business unit or function to simply focus on its individual agenda. Gone are the days of that siloed mindset.

In the new matrix model, dependence on one another greatly increases. An effective transition will create a more flexible and collaborative environment, which leads to better results, faster.

Implementing a matrix structure alone, without focusing on behavior change is counterproductive. In order for an organization to thrive in a matrix, people must understand the needs of the customer and how to effectively collaborate and make decisions; otherwise they will simply act as they did before the change. This alone, creates dysfunction leading to productivity loss.

To realize incremental value for your company, time and energy must be spent on further developing new customer-focused behaviors that enable faster, cross-functional collaboration and decision making.

Proactive organization development can greatly accelerate your transition to a faster matrix operating model. Here are a few actions that companies have incorporated to make their matrix operating models go faster:

  • Educate employees on the various customer segments and types; build and use fictional personas to create a common “customer language” to enable more objective decision making
  • Host customer journey workshops to educate employees on each of the customer touchpoints across your company
  • Help employees understand their new sphere of influence by documenting their internal partners, evaluating the maturity of each relationship and committing to improved collaboration
  • Teach employees how to influence people with varying personality types, motivations and expectations

These are just a few activities that will help align your people to move faster in the matrix operating model.

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