By now, I’m sure you’ve caught on to the recent trend where companies have begun to look inward and challenge their talent processes. This movement started with large companies like Accenture, Adobe and GE publicly advertising that they were planning to get rid of performance reviews.

These bold statements got the attention of business and Human Resources (HR) executives across the globe. In turn, hundreds of companies have started to challenge and test the effectiveness of their talent practices. The reality is that this conversation is not exactly new; it has just been presented in a new, valiant way.

The good news is that it has created a new norm – one where HR teams are spending more time and energy making improvements. The risk is that some organizations may simply replicate what others are doing in an effort to appear relevant and “throw the baby out with the bathwater”.

At Verve Consulting Group, we recognize our clients’ bias for action – we’re wired that way too. However, we strongly advise our client partners to first, fully understand their current pain points by drilling into and isolating the associated root causes. This approach allows for more clear problem solving, which will ensure that you keep what is working and address what is not working.

We use a simple framework to ensure our clients address the most relevant outcomes.

1 – Create the case for change by outlining the necessary shifts in the business and HR

2 – Architect new people expectations and measures by linking behaviors to business strategies

3 – Develop and implement people solutions that will make the most positive impact

4 – Measure new behaviors and their impact on business results

It is extremely important that companies treat their HR processes like business imperatives, because that’s what they are. They aren’t just nice things to do for employees. Avoid the hype and take a thoughtful approach. Make sure that you cherish and nurture those sweet “babies” while pitching the dirty water. More simply put, keep and reinforce the good pieces and improve upon the poor parts of your HR processes.

Let Verve Consulting Group help you further understand what is getting in your organization’s way and most importantly, build an outcome-focused action plan that delivers results.

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